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Drupal is a great piece of software but it’s high maintenance, squat-king-catespecially to get it to a user friendly state. That includes user friendly for geeks like me. The mere fact that it’s so easy to add images (it’s total fun to add random images to posts), switch between WYSIWYG and text, add categories, tags, all the basic stuff you want in a blog. It’s all very possible to set up in Drupal but it’s a pain to do it for every single website.

Then there was the issue of which domain name. I went through the list of names I have, only one candidate,, but the “Real Social” keyword space is already quite crowded and mostly taken by Pick Up Artist websites. Next was checking kasper.*. I already have some .re domains such as and I like quite a few of the possible meanings of RE.

So I’m pretty confident I’ll be regularly expressing myself more online now that I have an English language blog based on WordPress. It makes so much more sense than spending time on Facebook…