London, B2B Pay, Brexit, Vegan SEO

It’s time for some another blog post. I’ll just dump some thoughts in here. Don’t expect a structured piece. (Note to self: Do more of these over the coming months.) In two weeks from now I’ll be in London. Again. More interesting stuff this time. It’ll be Techstars demo day Fintech Week in London for […]

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Wikipédia peut jouer un rôle dans la bataille contre Ebola

Ebola Wikipedia

Inspiré par un message sur le mailinglist Afrophonewikis j’ai lancé un appèl pour traduire l’article sur Ebola de Wikipédia en bambara. Le même jour, 9 septembre, j’ai été contacté par Misbaho, qui était déjà active sur le Wikipédia en bambara. Depuis le 13 octobre il y a donc une bonne traduction : Ebola virisi bana. Les nouvelles d’aujourd’hui […]

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Terug in Afrika: Afripedia training in Madagascar

Sinds vorige week zaterdag ben ik in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Twee weken geleden kreeg ik een mailtje dat men iemand zocht om een week lang les te geven in Wikipedia: editten en offline gebruik.  Dit in het kader van Afripedia. Het was een geweldige week. Gisteren heeft één van de 15 deelnemers 10 studenten succesvol kunnen […]

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Habaka, Madagascar tech hub

When I knew I was going to Madagascar I checked out the local tech scene. Naturally I bumped into Habaka, Madagascar’s hub for technology, information and startups. It’s run by Harinjaka Andriankoto Ratozamanana. There’s a 300 sq.m. building for activities such as teaching kids how to code, making things, web tech startups and a lot more. I […]

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Formation Afripédia à Madagascar – le départ

Là je me trouve à l’aéroport de Charles de Gaulle. Ca fait à peine une semaine que je viens de recevoir un email qu’on est à la recherche de quelqu’un qui pourrait faire une formation alentour de Wikipédia à Madagascar. Je vais passer 12 heures dans l’avion pour rentrer en Afrique et pour continuer du travail […]

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I will be teaching Wikipedia and Kiwix in Madagascar

#outoftheblue I’ll be in a plane to #Antananarivo #Madagascar in a week from now, to teach #Wikipedia editing and @KiwixOffline I got an email that Afripedia is urgently looking for someone who can teach how to edit Wikpedia and how to use Kiwix to university students in Madagascar for a week. I immediately agreed without […]

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When am I getting paid for my work on Wikibusiness?

I was contacted November 2013 by Rasmus Refer. “Wikibusiness“, that sounds like a great idea. I spent a lot of hours working on the project, sent an invoice on the 31st of December 2013 for the many hours I worked on this project in December. I even continued working in January. I kept on inquiring […]

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Deletionpedia is here to stay

Back in December, after another encounter with Wikipedia’s deletionism I decided to get down, write a script and revive Meanwhile there are over 5000 articles. I got some complaints from people who wanted an article about them removed, which I handled as quickly as I could of course. Then  around noon today I received this: […]

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MALeBooks: eBooks for Timbuktu, Mali

Kids in Bamako, Mali

When I was in Mali in 2005 I worked with Geekcorps on giving Malians access to knowledge and also creating knowledge (such as the Bambara Wikipedia). I really only did that for 4,5 months. My friend Renaud though has been more persistent continued this work up until today. I think he’s doing very important work […]

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  Earlier today I added a G+ button and just now I added descriptions and icons to images on, the tool I made with which you can quickly find freely usable pictures on Flickr and Wikimedia Commons. I hope you like it. Make sure to +1 if you do. And if you don’t like it […]

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