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In 2007 Google launched Open Social. Kasper Souren checked it out, thought it wasn’t really that social and thought it was time to have an idea about what was real social.

I’m thinking of distinguishing Real Social and real social networks. I’d consider CouchSurfing, BookCrossing, and all current ride share websites that I’m aware of, as real social networks. They lead to real life connections or actual forms of exchange, with less time spent offline than online. I could think of three that would fit my criteria for being Real Social: BeWelcome, Ripple and Hitchwiki. The capitalization comes from the way the networks, its organization and the software is developed.

Comment by Michel Bauwens:

A priority, it seems to me, is to start with work on a definition of what constitutes Real Social, or more formally, a Definition of Real Social Networks, in the tradition of the other definitions we already have, such as the Open Knowledge Definition and the like.


In 2008 there was a Sustainable Hospitality Exchange unconference in Amsterdam, organized by Robino.


During 2009 realsocial became overwhelmed by spambots.


September 11th 2011 was resurrected by Kasper, in the same room with Robino and Kenny of Triphopping. Meinhard was supposed to be here but went visiting Dante.


It was just one page though and PUAs have claimed the term real social dynamics. So probably better to come up with a new term.

I sold the domain name.

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