Some meanings of RE that I think make sense for this blog, from Wikipedia:

Regular expression, a string that describes or matches a set of strings, according to certain syntax rules

I love regular expressions, I want to use them more and I think more people should know and use regexpes, instead of repeating the same dumb action 20 times it’s nicer to do it with one regexp.

And it’s good to express oneself regularly.

re (re:), a word meaning “regarding, with reference to”.

You can read what I think regarding to various topics on this blog.

Re-HorakhtyRe (musical note), the second pitch of the solfège scale, corresponding to the note D

Double dropped D is my favorite guitar tuning.

Re (exclamation), in Greek

I’ll have to figure out this one, Che!

Re, ‘in the matter of…’; see the list of Latin phrases and In re

It’s a bit like email. It’s funny how Romans got it right in many ways. They got it wrong in many more though, but that’s okay for 2000 years ago.

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The beautiful green image is from a place called Re in the North of Italy, I have not actually been there but I have lived not so far from this spot.