→ July 9, 2015

7 years later. One major release and a lot of useful modules further. #Drupal #i18n is still a major headache to get …


http://kemewahan.com/ another website in Indonesian. Mulai website lain dalam #bahasaIndonesia? #kemewahan Posted via Composer

19 ways to get traction: a short list

1. Viral marketing 2. Public Relations 3. Unconventional PR 4. Search Engine Marketing 5. Social and display advertising 6. Offline advertising 7. …

→ June 8, 2015

ssh-copy-id is an excellent #unix #ssh tool to copy your public ssh key to a box http://stackoverflow.com/q/22700818/1245190 Posted via Composer

Inbox Zero

Sticking to a #Zeroinbox inbox in Gmail has positively changed my life. My rules: If you can handle an email now in …

→ March 17, 2015

Hosts @Trustroots in #Europe today https://www.trustroots.org/ Posted via Composer

→ March 12, 2015

Trust metrics analysis, Python, 2007 – https://github.com/guaka/trust-metrics @p2pvalue #advogato #wikipedia Posted via Composer