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→ June 8, 2015

ssh-copy-id is an excellent #unix #ssh tool to copy your public ssh key to a box Posted via Composer

Inbox Zero

Sticking to a #Zeroinbox inbox in Gmail has positively changed my life. My rules: If you can handle an email now in …

→ March 12, 2015

#googlecode to #github export tool #useitorlooseit Posted via Composer

30 dagen!

Een leuk project van m’n Vlaamse vrienden met lef: 30 dagen autovrij, stilte of meer groen. Een maand zonder auto, de stilte opzoeken …

→ March 2, 2015

In fact, original price indicated 45,44 EUR. Final price 171,79 EUR. @edreams_en @edreams_fr #scam @eu_consumer Posted via Composer

→ February 21, 2015

Interview with attempt to decentralize #basicincome Posted via Composer

→ February 19, 2015

My 1st #Jekyll site with 2+ pages is not gonna blow you away. Posted via Composer

→ February 17, 2015

Not yet enough reasons to use #telegram? Check the desktop application! #privacy #whatsapp? Posted via Composer

→ February 15, 2015

Makerfox: #moneyless #crowdfunding C Posted via Composer

→ February 15, 2015

#basicincome revolution through #P2P technology – crowdfunder at Posted via Composer