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The most useful #odoo #openerp #docs thus far #interactive #python September 2014 update

Learning OpenERP

I first looked into OpenERP a couple of years ago. I love programming in Python and I feel I’m much better with Python than with PHP. Still I somehow didn’t get the hang of it. Especially on the hosting site, running a Python website is just a bit tougher than PHP. OpenERP itself felt like it had a lot of power but it didn’t look sexy. So somehow opposite from poor and sexy Berlin, it felt rich and unsexy.

Tutorials at

You can find “official” Odoo tutorials at (this link is for v8). They’re also developed collaboratively at GitHub.

Odoo e-commerce

Things changed considerably. OpenERP was renamed to Odoo, which doesn’t sound that sexy either really, though it feels like there is progress, from TinyERP to OpenERP to Odoo. Recently after some more digging in and attendeding an Odoo conference it looks like Odoo is quite cool. Suddenly it’s possible to do e-commerce with the thing and it’s actually very very nice and bootstrappy (Bootswatchy even) with a slick interface. You can give it a quick try yourself at Don’t worry about the nagging to register, you can host Odoo on your own servers and it’s easy to remove after that.

Odoo forum

The Odoo forum can be useful at times for getting answers to pressing questions. I’ve been asking some myself at times. It doesn’t feel as slick as SO, where at times I had more luck with more technical questions.