Online Printing Business

I’ve worked on websites since 1998. The first decade I was blissfully unaware of marketing, search engine optimization and things like that. Since 2008, the year I started working as a freelancer, I’ve also started doing a lot of work on online marketing. I’m still not convinced online marketing is a great way to move […]

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47% of US employment at risk in coming 20 years

A quantitative study on the future of employment has some interesting findings. Somewhat shocking to those who kept their head in the sand.  According to our estimates around 47 percent of total US employment is in the high risk category. We refer to these as jobs at risk – i.e. jobs we expect could be automated […]

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how to be happy tips

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1. Finding meaning and a purpose in life is what brings happiness. 2. Happy people plan and organise, they have goals and a purpose. 3. To be happy, we need to enjoy what we have and the job we do. 4. Live in the moment: Don’t dwell on the past and previous failures. 5. There […]

Read More », and twister is the successor of It’s an open source alternative to twitter. About 4k visitors a week. Not bad for a relatively new website, hey? Except that had at least 40k weekly visitors, possibly even more. And even now it still seems to get ~9k visitors every week. And that’s quite a lot […]

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Basic income blurb


tl;dr sign the EU basic income petition While taking a train to Berlin I see that enough people in the Netherlands and Belgium have signed the petition for a basic income in the EU. That’s exciting. Exciting enough to write a blog post. I felt like commenting on Facebook but I have decided to write more on […]

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