Zopo ZP999 ghost touch

The Zopo ‪‎ZP999‬ is the worst phone I’ve ever had. Hardware is the best ever, 4G LTE, 8 core, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, nice screen, but the software is the most horrible software I ever had to deal with on a phone.

Zopo ZP999 software problems

  • Once the screen is locked the second time it’s mostly impossible to unlock it. But after turning off screen locking completely I’m experiencing the same behavior.
  • The status bar keeps on flickering.
  • Random things happen on the screen.
  • The phone gets extremely warm at times, which is nice in winter. And the battery is draining extremely fast.
  • Often when I receive calls the screen stays black, the buttons light up and there’s no way for me to pick up.
  • The startup animation appears in random moments.
  • Even after a factory reset all this stuff happens.

There’s an Android update but the way to update is also horrible, I can’t just click “update now” and have to copy the file to an SD card.

“Don’t press Update now, Go to main menu, find filemanager-phone storage -adupsfota-update.zip, copy in to the sd card file, exit and go to the update system on the main menu, press download icon on the right. This version must to do factory data reset after update,please first   back up your data.”

Unfortunately I don’t have an SD card near me and I don’t want to risk bricking my phone (even more).  It’s by far the most unprofessional way of updating a 300 euro device I’ve ever seen.

After the upgrade

Exactly the same problems. Flickering status bar, weird touch screen behavior and battery draining extremely fast.

A video

Zopo Mobile Europe?

Europe? no Hong Kong! Never got anyone pick up the phone here.

Europe? no Hong Kong!
Never got anyone pick up the phone here.

I ordered this phone with Zopo Mobile Europe (zopomobile.eu). You have to take Europe with a grain of salt, the company is actually based in Hong Kong. Despite the phone number on their website it’s pointless to try and contact them over the phone. I have had some response to emails I sent them about a problem with the invoice. But not since I’ve started contacting them about issues with the phone. For that their Facebook page appeared to be more successful.

Unfortunately it seems that as of January 8th 13:50 Zopo Mobile has deleted my posts on their page and they have blocked me from their Facebook page. This was the only way to actually get a response from Zopo Mobile “Europe”. Way to go.


I started jumping through the warranty hoops.

I’ll update this post as I find out more about this issue. I’ll probably also simply make a video of a Factory data reset and the phone’s behavior after that.

Zopo Benelux is ok

Not sure about what to do I called Zopo Benelux. Friendly people who actually pick up the phone and explained to me that I’m dealing with a ghost touch problem, which they had not encountered yet with the ZP999. So now I can choose to pay even more money and have my phone looked at by them, which is fair since I didn’t buy it there, or try the zopomobile.eu warranty.

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