Are you into the #olympics? Can you let me know when the Germans get a gold medal? I can take free trains in Germany the day after. Posted via Composer

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I released another #drupal #project. Just can't tell what it is. At this point. To be continued in #February… (= Posted via Composer

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how to be happy tips

2010-06-04 11.58.50-2

1. Finding meaning and a purpose in life is what brings happiness. 2. Happy people plan and organise, they have goals and a purpose. 3. To be happy, we need to enjoy what we have and the job we do. 4. Live in the moment: Don’t dwell on the past and previous failures. 5. There […]

Read More », and twister is the successor of It’s an open source alternative to twitter. About 4k visitors a week. Not bad for a relatively new website, hey? Except that had at least 40k weekly visitors, possibly even more. And even now it still seems to get ~9k visitors every week. And that’s quite a lot […]

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Basic income blurb


tl;dr sign the EU basic income petition While taking a train to Berlin I see that enough people in the Netherlands and Belgium have signed the petition for a basic income in the EU. That’s exciting. Exciting enough to write a blog post. I felt like commenting on Facebook but I have decided to write more on […]

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#MediaWiki #Development 101? lesson 1: don't hack core, lesson 2: don't mess with sql Posted via Composer

Read More » finally showing up in SERPs. Delayed by some unforeseen circumstances, but still in time for spring. #teak #gartenmöbel Posted via Composer

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  Earlier today I added a G+ button and just now I added descriptions and icons to images on, the tool I made with which you can quickly find freely usable pictures on Flickr and Wikimedia Commons. I hope you like it. Make sure to +1 if you do. And if you don’t like it […]

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