Basic income blurb


tl;dr sign the EU basic income petition While taking a train to Berlin I see that enough people in the Netherlands and Belgium have signed the petition for a basic income in the EU. That’s exciting. Exciting enough to write a blog post. I felt like commenting on Facebook but I have decided to write more on […]

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#MediaWiki #Development 101? lesson 1: don't hack core, lesson 2: don't mess with sql Posted via Composer

Read More » finally showing up in SERPs. Delayed by some unforeseen circumstances, but still in time for spring. #teak #gartenmöbel Posted via Composer

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  Earlier today I added a G+ button and just now I added descriptions and icons to images on, the tool I made with which you can quickly find freely usable pictures on Flickr and Wikimedia Commons. I hope you like it. Make sure to +1 if you do. And if you don’t like it […]

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mewsh now has aliases and remote-host support – #mediawiki #cli #shell – like #drush and #wp-cli Posted via Composer

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If you want something from me and you're not extremely cute, please don't just say "hi". Say "hi" + what you want. Already twice today. Posted via Composer

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Back to WordPress

Drupal is a great piece of software but it’s high maintenance, especially to get it to a user friendly state. That includes user friendly for geeks like me. The mere fact that it’s so easy to add images (it’s total fun to add random images to posts), switch between WYSIWYG and text, add categories, tags, […]

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Vuurwerkverbod? Ja!

Vuurwerk vandalisme in Rotterdam

Vuurwerk is best mooi af en toe. En ik kan begrijpen dat mensen het leuk vinden om af en toe eens lekker te knallen. De hoeveelheid overlast, lawaai, ellende, geweld en slachtoffers het veroorzaakt is echter extreem in verhouding tot het plezier van een paar mensen. Op staat nog steeds: Een meerderheid van de […]

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