P2PValue London Scholarship Application

I scheduled this for posting 2 months in the future. I think it’s nice reusable content and publishing it online is the best way to find it back. I just think it’s not nice to publish it even before it’s actually been decided upon.
Scholarship application for the 16-17th March 2015 p2pvalue.eu event in London.

** Proposals **

Various possibilities for lightning talks and/or show and tell presentations:

  • Hitchwiki: cofounded this in 2006, now biggest resource for and by hitchhikers, with information about locations and other tips to make hitchhiking a lot more possible and fun. How to create and foster communities around open content?
  • Trashwiki: cofounded this in 2008, underground knowledge base for dumpster divers
  • Deletionpedia: refounded xmas 2013, the problems with Wikipedia (deletionism and bureaucracy) and some ideas on how to fix it.
  • Trustroots: open source non profit hospitality exchange network, cofounded xmas 2014, now 3k+ members, starting as hospitality exchange network, we want to extend into other fields (sharing rides, conviviality and more) once we have gained critical mass (at some point between 10k and 100k)
  • Developing knowledge in Africa: in 2005 I started Wikipedias in Bambara and Peul, two widely spoken West African languages, recently I was in Madagascar and Cameroon to teach Wikipedia editing (as part of the Afripedia project)
  • The corporatization of P2P commons: 2006/2007 I volunteered with CouchSurfing, which was a non profit back then and became a for profit C corporation in 2011. Also possible: An overview of hospitality exchange networks, different modes and licenses (I also volunteered with BeWelcome.org and I’m very familiar with WarmShowers.org).
  • Long-term travel on a low budget while working on the commons and with non profits, through hitchhiking, hospitality exchange, dumpster diving (at times).
  • I’ve also briefly worked with several “successful” (at least in the monetary sense) Dutch social startups, such as hyves.nl, peerby.com and 3dhubs.com. This has given me a close-up view on venture capital and startups. Also, these days I make money with SEO and e-commerce, whereas I would prefer to focus on pure P2P FLOSS projects. An extreme paradox is moneyless.org, a website about money with which I’m hoping to fund work on Hitchwiki, Trashwiki and Trustroots.
I’m happy to talk about any of these topics or remix and adapt (even without any preparation from the back of my head, but it surely helps if I know what’s expected beforehand).

** Scholarship application **

In conjunction with the above activities and interests I have a strong interest in trust metrics, cryptocurrencies, free software development (see github.com/guaka for some projects). I’m totally up for discussions and turning these into deliverables through pads, wikis and code (preferably meteor+coffeescript or python).

Additional short bio: born in the Netherlands, MSc math, unfinished PhD in artificial intelligence to find structure in musical pieces, fluent in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. See also kasper.re and guaka.org