London, B2B Pay, Brexit, Vegan SEO

It’s time for some another blog post. I’ll just dump some thoughts in here. Don’t expect a structured piece. (Note to self: Do more of these over the coming months.) In two weeks from now I’ll be in London. Again. More interesting stuff this time. It’ll be Techstars demo day Fintech Week in London for my startup B2B Pay. I’m really curious about what investors are going to say. The pound has tanked. This is good for me as it will be a lot cheaper to travel and buy stuff in London, such as Rohan.

Rohan… satisficing?

My friend Callum’s favorite clothing brand, well at least it was.  Not sure what it is now. Callum is more of a maximizer when it comes to buying stuff. I recently learned about the term satisficing and this is definitely something I want to do more:

Satisficing is a decision-making strategy or cognitive heuristic that entails searching through the available alternatives until an acceptability threshold is met.[1] The termsatisficing, a combination of satisfy and suffice,[2] was introduced by Herbert A. Simon in 1956,[3] although the concept “was first posited in [his book] Administrative Behavior, published in 1947.”[4][5] Simon used satisficing to explain the behavior of decision makers under circumstances in which an optimal solution cannot be determined. He maintained that many natural problems are characterized by computational intractability or a lack of information, both of which preclude the use of mathematical optimization procedures. Consequently, he observed in his Nobel Prize speech that “decision makers can satisfice either by finding optimum solutions for a simplified world, or by finding satisfactory solutions for a more realistic world. Neither approach, in general, dominates the other, and both have continued to co-exist in the world of management science.”[6]

B2B Pay

B2B Pay provides virtual bank accounts to exporters. Plus we only charge a small fee (currently 1%) on top of the mid market rate for sending the money to the exporter’s local bank account. Things are going quite well.


Apparently one of the main points of the Brexit camp was to abolish VAT on tampons. And this has vaporized 3 trillion USD on the global stock market. Sometimes you wonder whether democracy is really the best way to go. Well, at least the Dutch landscape looks a bit more exciting these days with the new Pirate Party front woman.

Vegan SEO

Meanwhile my friend Kai (who’s running his a greentech startup) invited me to join a group of digital creatives to help vegan organisations sort out their digital issues. I’m looking forward to doing some work with Vebu, and other websites. I’m sure it’ll be fun to apply my SEO tool to these websites. Also a good moment to give Veganwiki a little boost.