Experimenting with ads on P2P foundation pages

This was an idea a while ago. It didn’t happen. But I wrote the post and more than a year later I don’t mind posting it :)

A couple of years ago I helped the P2P Foundation with some things on the wiki and the blog. Somehow lost touch. Recently I started to become involved again. Here’s a little background.

From Stopub to Adsense

stopub Paris 2003

I hate advertising. In 2003 I was involved in stopub actions against advertising in Paris metro stations. Despite my former activism I started experimenting with making money through Google Adsense at some point. The prospect of passive income helped bring out the hypocrite in myself.

I’m justifying my auto-hypocriticism by keeping advertising off of one of the most successful websites I helped building (the main source of information for hitchhikers). I spent a lot of time working on many projects without any form of payment. These days I balance working on various projects in 4 different roles. First of all as a web consultant, e.g. tax and cars and furniture, 2. as a volunteer e.g. for Trustroots and now P2P Foundation, 3. work for startups, where I prefer equity over salary and 4. passive income.


Recently I started making enough passive money to pay for basic expenses. Most importantly this gives me a lot more freedom in my other 3 roles. I got to this point by learning that focus is very important. Instead of having 100+ mediocre sites filled with advertising it’s much better to have even just 1 page that ranks well with relevant advertising. This is also my plan for ads on P2P Foundation pages. We only need a couple of pages with high value keywords ranking in the top of search engine result pages.

Proof of concept

So when it came up to experiment with ads for P2P foundation I decided to only put ads on 2 pages. To get a proof of concept and to see if there was any criticism. It took very little time to set up. Revenue has been limited thus far, but the main point was to see if there would be any complaints while still getting some income. No complaints and a couple of euros in income thus far.

These are the keywords with the most potential. They’re high value keywords that fit in with the existing and future content of the P2P Foundation websites:

  • p2p file sharing
  • p2p lending sites
  • non profit leadership
  • non profit management

This is how we can continue:

  1. Set up an adsense account for the foundation.
  2. Use the above keywords as tags for relevant articles (where appropriate).
  3. Add more articles related to the above over time.
  4. Write exact keyword matching posts for the above four, these can be
    the only pages with ads. I can start with one such page (the one that
    fits most in the existing site).
  5. Remove ads from the 2 pages that currently have ads.

Over time I can do SEO both on the blog and the wiki to increase
rankings and earnings. This will also increase readership overall.

If you’re interested in helping with this project and learn some things about SEO and adsense along the way, we’ll keep track of issues on a private GitHub repository soon (thanks to GitHub’s free bronze plan).


The main goal of this advertising plan is to create an additional stream of income that helps sustain the P2P Foundation. I don’t have any insight in the current financial situation of the Foundation but the ability to cover basic expenses through regular income is likely to open up new possibilities.

An interesting expected side effect is that the number of visitors will increase.

Important notes

  • There will only ever be advertising on a limited number of pages.
  • Don’t click on ads on this website to support the foundation. Especially not if you are heavily involved in the P2P foundation yourself.