#Hitchhiking Tips for the #WestCoast

Get yourself a SIM card and prepaid mobile internet on it. If
don't take camping gear you can spend the money you saved on the car on a motel now and then.
The longest I've done in one day (early morning to late evening) was Eugene to San Francisco, but that's pushing it. Also because SF, like any big city, is a magnet, especially to the hippies in Northern #California.
It helped that hitchhiking is legal on the highway in #Oregon. Cops still might harass you, not sure. I've also walked along the highway I-5 in California, with a sign on my back(pack), that worked out fine after 2+ hours.

I can recommend Portland. Also highway 1 south from SF is nice.
Generally, there are many great towns, such as Eureka and Santa Cruz.
Also, the Zion national park was beautiful. And Death Valley is
impressive if you've never been to a desert.

Again, if you have the time, take it! I could easily spend 3 months on the West Coast, without a plan, just hitching around and meeting awesome people and adventure :)

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